The wonderful world of Matthew Collings’ coloured pencil drawings

Matthew’s recent output of coloured pencil drawings (1500 so far, with the first one dating back only 18 months) is a popular Instagram feature.   Anyone can acquire the drawings. They cost only £200 and are offered through Matthew Burrow’s fabulous Instagram Hashtag #artistsupportpledge.

The subject is art history.  He brings artists and ideas of the past vividly to life.  The work can be consumed as a great display of liveliness, skill and fun. The drawings are simply cartoons.  At the same time their lightness can be deceptive.  Sometimes he joins the past to our own weird world.  He gets artists who lived centuries ago to examine the bizarre events we hear about all the time in the news, and moralise about them. Crazies storming Capital Hill,  the young royals spilling the beans to Oprah, Matt Hancock’s sleazy downfall — what would Goya say?  

Matthew’s drawings fly off the shelves. You have to be quick to lay your hands on them! 

Adrian, one of our co-founders, was fortunate enough to acquire a very topical and emotive drawing and has offered it up almost a year later as part of this giveaway. Adrian is a collector of Matthew’s drawings. We are very proud that Matthew will take part in Art Charity Raffles’ launch in the new year.

Matthew’s bio

Matthew Collings is a well known artist and art critic. He has written and presented many TV programmes on art and written many books. His six part series for Channel 4 “This is Modern Art” won multiple awards including a BAFTA.   His book “Blimey! From Bohemia to Britpop: The London artworld from Francis Bacon to Damian Hirst” was published by David Bowie. Artforum called it “the most popular contemporary art book ever.”   

Matthew was born in London in 1955. He studied painting at the Byam Shaw art school and Goldsmiths College.  After he left the Byam Shaw he worked on the magazine Artscribe becoming editor in 1983. For his achievement in transforming Artscribe into an international publication he received a special commendation from the Turner Prize in 1987. After he left Artscribe he became the art critic for the BBC’s culture programme The Late Show.  He introduced the BBC audience of those dats to a new international avant-garde including such figures as Jeff Koons and Martin Kippenberger.  He also authored and presented long programmes on historic figures such as Willem de Kooning and Georgia O’Keeffe. He left The Late Show in 1995 and has worked as an independent writer and broadcaster ever since. 

Matthew’s partner is the mosaicist Emma Biggs. Their collaborative paintings featuring abstract patterns are represented by Vigo Gallery. They are in collections around the world. Emma and Matthew live in Norfolk.

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