John Pedder’s Small Mercies giveaway

We are delighted to announce the second of our launch artists, the highly acclaimed John Pedder. We make no secret of the fact we are huge fans of John’s work, head to the About Us page and look at the backdrop to our profile images to see what we mean.

A lifelong builder and maker with a love of woodworking, John had an epiphany 5 years ago which led him to start woodcut printmaking. An advocate for this unusual process, it provides John with an opportunity to slow down as well as put great industry into the simplest of marks. John made a decision to fully embrace two dimensions so his work is right on the surface of the paper. He says it also offers the magic of happenstance and unpredictability which allows no end of inspiration and frustration, but mainly inspiration.

In January 2021, John released his first book, ‘Small Mercies’ which presents pages of fun and folly, documenting a staggering 81 consecutive weekdays of woodcut pops of joy.


If you would like to get your hands on one of the coveted Small Mercies books, signed by John Pedder worth £25, read on. To be in with a free chance of winning one of 20 books, all you have to do is: 

  1. FOLLOW @artcharityraffles on instagram.
  2. LIKE our post with the photo of John (HERE)
  3. TAG a friend who you think would like our page in the comments section.

We will announce 20 lucky winners on our Instagram page at 12 pm on the 10th of December. GOOD LUCK! 

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